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21 AUGUST 2021

The Endocrinology and Diabetes Association presents

EDA Symposium Series - Part 1

21 August 2021

Hennessy Park Hotel Ebene

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President's message

President of EDADear Colleagues,

Throughout the years, endocrinology has arguably stood out as one the most challenging yet inspiring disciplines of our esteemed profession. Be it diabetes management and its associated complications, pituitary adenomas, adrenal incidentalomas or the  interpretation of a tricky thyroid profile, the diagnosis and treatment of specific endocrine diseases calls for a holistic approach. Today, more than ever, treating specific endocrine diseases encompasses much more than the choice of a specific medication.  The collaboration and insight of different fields of medical practice is a prime contributor to understanding and treating our patients. Our association has been officially launched on the symbolic date of the 14th November 2019, which was the World Diabetes Day 14th November is the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin almost a century ago. Diabetes, as you already know, represents the majority of our daily practice but general endocrinology is a field of expertise that demands an   equal measure of care and attention. The aim of our association is fourfold with the ultimate and unflinching focus of optimising   patient care. Firstly, we are providing a common ground for registered endocrinologists to meet and share expertise in different   areas of the specialty. Secondly, we aim at using the association to provide, through consensus, guidelines on management of   different endocrine diseases. Thirdly, we endeavor to share up-to-date information on endocrinology to all our colleagues in the   medical field through regular CMEs, including an annual symposium. Fourthly, we are aiming to participate actively in scientific   work so as to bring our fair share of contribution to the understanding of diseases. As we embark on this new journey together, we   would like to welcome you to our group. We will be communicating our activities via different platforms including our present website and would welcome your suggestions to make this experience fruitful, collaborative and most of all beneficial to our patients. 


President of the EDA  

The International Society of Endocrinology (ISE) is a global network of endocrinology organizations. They represent a large group of health-care providers who work in all areas of endocrinology and metabolism. They make it easier for endocrine organizations and regions to collaborate and integrate. They offer virtual and live platforms for disseminating knowledge and research while also bridging educational gaps. Endocrinology networks in developing countries are being promoted, and early career endocrinologists are being supported.